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Bismarck Big Boy
Bismarck Big Boy
Bismarck Big Boy
Bismarck Big Boy

A Bismarck Icon!
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Whether you are a first-timer or a longtime lover of our food, the Big Boy statue will welcome you to the drive-thru with the same smirk and unforgettable wavy hair, all the while tempting you with a burger held up high in his right hand. We are proud to be a favorite place to get a meal in this region and place that is considered a “must stop” by people in Bismarck. Whether they are Bismarck residents, in town to see family or just purposely traveling through Bismarck at meal time! Big Boy was Bismarck’s first local drive-through and it is the city’s oldest continuously operating restaurant.

We have no indoor seating, so grab food for the road, take it home for the family, enjoy it in your car in our newly improved and expanding parking lot, or (as weather permits) enjoy your Big Boy at the picnic tables right here on the property.


Drive thru and pick up one of our famous pizza burgers!
Available in regular or flying style!

Pizza Burger
Bismarck’s Big Boy features a traditional fast food menu, emphasizing burgers and chicken buckets. It is best known for its Pizza Burger “Flying Style” (cooked in a sandwich press), and Hot-n-Tots – a cinnamon cola. The restaurant is also known for its fries and homemade gravy. The Big Boy Original, allegedly the inspiration for McDonald’s Big Mac, and the Double Decker are the only carry-over items from the national chain.

Our advertising warns “limit of 45” on burger orders – yes, people do order that many! We also insist that you “just get in line.” The line on Main Avenue may look long, but our staff operate like a finely-oiled machine. We will get you served faster than you expect!